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Welcome to Yoga Teachers Forum, We invite you to join us as you continue your yoga teaching journey. This yoga community welcomes you wherever you have trained. Yoga teachers from across the yoga community provide CPD and professional training with us. All of our teachers have chosen to teach yoga because we have a passion to share practices that have offered us and our communities the support we have needed in challenging times. It is our intention to create a yoga family so that all teachers feel nurtured as we continue on our yoga journey to support others.

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About this course

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"We covered so much info ...It was so interesting and relevant and Jacqueline’s passion and knowledge really came through.I .. would wholeheartedly recommend it!" B.P Attendee, Understanding Hormones

"Lots of content.  Very informative" Attendee, Understanding PCOS

We are discovering more and more that women’s health and hormonal health are intrinsically linked.

Hormones affect everything going on in our body, from the way we cycle every month, to fertility challenges, to our overall health and well-being.

Only by understanding our intricate and delicate hormonal system can we begin to understand how women's bodies work, how hormonal imbalance impacts women’s health, and how to create hormonal balance and become proactive in our health journey.  

This series focusses on the experiences specific to female bodies.  We welcome people of all genders and none to engage with the content of this training although I refer to "women" throughout.