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Welcome to Yoga Teachers Forum, We invite you to join us as you continue your yoga teaching journey. This yoga community welcomes you wherever you have trained. Yoga teachers from across the yoga community provide CPD and professional training with us. All of our teachers have chosen to teach yoga because we have a passion to share practices that have offered us and our communities the support we have needed in challenging times. It is our intention to create a yoga family so that all teachers feel nurtured as we continue on our yoga journey to support others.

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About this course

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Welcome to Maternity Charkas Teacher's Pathway: 

The journey through the chakras is the Maternity journey of discovery and healingalong the rainbow bridge — the metaphysical bridge that connects consciousness with matter; instinct with spirit. This journey has been travelled many times by yoginis but rarely in pregnancy.

And yet pregnancy is the journey from mystery to manifestation and from instinct to transcendence.  Pregnancy is transformational whether you like it or not. When consciousness is brought to the process, the transformation can be healing, empowering, integrated and stabilised. As the body expands and opens so does the heart, themind and awareness. Perceiving pregnancy and birth through the lens of the chakras enables deep insight into the multidimensional aspects of the experience and of the potential of yoga practice too.

Session 1: Intro Session - Yoga as Energy Practice, Classical & Modern History of the Chakras, The Maternal Chakra Expereince

Session 2: Muladhara - The Pregnant Body: Beginnings & Endings

Session 3: Svadhisthana - Sexual Energy in Pregnancy & Birth

Session 4: Manipura - Maternal Power & Vulnerability

Session 5: Anahata - Strong of Heart: Cultivating Pregnant Community

Session 6: Vishuddha - Pregnancy Yoga: Articulating Silence

Session 7: Ajna - Preparing the Deep Mind for Labour

Session 8: Sahasrara - Birthing in a Spiritual Crisis

Session 9: Integration - The Path of Manifestation