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Hannah & Hannah

Hannah N and Hannah G, both having trained in breathwork, branched out in 2018 to create Grounded Life, an organization that embodied their philosophies, values and teachings. A collaborative platform built to support personal and collective growth with the understanding that in order to grow, healthily and sustainably we must also ground like the rooted tree. Hannah and Hannah bring forth what inspires them and share tools of living a grounded life; Breathwork, movement, sound, voice, massage, nature and her wisdom. Creating a container for people to breathe, move, express, experience, observe and integrate.

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About this course

Whether you new to breathwork or a seasoned breather, this course has something fundamental for you. 

Grounded Breath Foundations, has been purposefully designed to introduce you to the Grounded pillars that underpin a healthy, sustainable and explorative breathwork practice for life. 

Join us for this course and receive:

  • 5 guided audio breathwork practices including Conscious Connected Breathwork.

  • Once full course fee is paid, lifetime access to all content.

  • Exercises and Exploration to deepen your experience.

  • The option to ask questions and share your experiences throughout each section of the course. 

  • The opportunity to interact with other breathers on the course. 

Breathwork practice brings you back to a grounded sense of aliveness, firmly rooted and ready for unlimited growth.

What you'll learn:

  • Foundational practices that will support you in living a more grounded life.
  • 5 specific areas of breathwork and self enquiry which are:
    • Breath Awareness
    • Optimal Breathing
    • Felt Sense and Self Observation
    • Conscious Connected Breathwork
    • Grounding and Resourcing
  • Everything you need to know to establish a regular and sustainable breathwork practice.
  • How to set a clear intention for yourself.
  • How to become aware of your habitual breathing habits and how you can optimise your breath more in life for increased well being.
  • Five breathing based practices, their unique benefits and how to integrate them into your day to day living.
  • Practices that help you to reconnect and regulate your nervous system in a matter of minutes.
  • How to support and better cope with stress and anxiety - breathwork acts as the ‘in the moment’ and 'long term' antidote.
  • How to take conscious action during moments of stress or tension.
  • The ability to be more grounded in daily life.
  • About conscious breathing, felt sense and emotional (energy) intelligence.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about their breath and how their breathing can support them in life.
  • People who suffer from tension, anxiety or stress related symptoms.
  • People who feel tense, frustrated, stressed out, over worked, uninspired, stagnated, the weight of responsibility, over worrying, overthinking, under pressure.
  • People who have trouble sleeping or switching off.
  • Anyone who has heard about or tried Conscious Connected Breathwork before and wants to learn how to get more out of their practice.

Pricing options:

  • We believe that breathwork should be accessible to everybody. 
  • While we feel we have priced this journey fairly for us in context of the society we live in, we also want to extend an invitation to anybody that can not access this course due to lack of funds to reach out.
  • Please note there are also two types of payment plans available.