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Yoga Teachers Forum

Welcome to Yoga Teachers Forum, We invite you to join us as you continue your yoga teaching journey. This yoga community welcomes you wherever you have trained. Yoga teachers from across the yoga community provide CPD and professional training with us. All of our teachers have chosen to teach yoga because we have a passion to share practices that have offered us and our communities the support we have needed in challenging times. It is our intention to create a yoga family so that all teachers feel nurtured as we continue on our yoga journey to support others.

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About this course

Welcome to Ab Rehab Yoga!

This 4 week training will give you tools you can use to:

  • Regain control of your core
  • Get feeling back in your C-section scar (and abdominals if you have had a vaginal delivery)
  • Regain bladder control
  • Regain ownership of your body
  • Regain abdominal strength in a safe way
  • Skills to strengthen the back 

This course is designed for postnatal recovery,  but will be of benefit to anyone looking to improve pelvic health and safely increase abdominal & core strength.

Week 1 – Learn to breathe fully and deeply into your diaphragm to re-engage the abdominals and pelvic floor

Week 2 – We use massage this week to release fascia and scar tissue (if you’ve had a c-section) in your abdominals and back. This is a very important step in the healing process as tight muscles can stop them from working fully.

Week 3 – This week we focus on posture and how to get an optimal posture back after pregnancy in order for the muscles to work fully and as a team.

Week 4 – Abdominal activation. This is when we put everything together and learn how to properly engage the core again.

About Me!

I am Amy Fergus Fuller and I will be running this training.

Whether you had children 10 months ago or 10 years ago, a vaginal or c-section birth this course will provide you with the tools you need to end loss of bladder control, to gain control over your core, regain feeling in a c-section scar, and most of all give you the power to take back your body.

I have been teaching pregnancy and postnatal yoga for the last 10 years. I trained in postnatal Yoga back in 2012 I have found my personal experience of birth and has made a huge difference to what and how I teach.  1 year ago I had my first child and since then have absorbed as much information as I possibly can and have successfully healed my own body after an emergency C-section. I will be sharing what I have learnt to support you on your postnatal journey.