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Welcome to Yoga Teachers Forum, We invite you to join us as you continue your yoga teaching journey. This yoga community welcomes you wherever you have trained. Yoga teachers from across the yoga community provide CPD and professional training with us. All of our teachers have chosen to teach yoga because we have a passion to share practices that have offered us and our communities the support we have needed in challenging times. It is our intention to create a yoga family so that all teachers feel nurtured as we continue on our yoga journey to support others.

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About this course

This 2 hour CPD will give you an embodied experience of working with the pelvis during pregnancy.  You will:

  • Experience three visualisations you can use with your pregnant clients (and receive the scripts)
  • Try out different options for teaching pelvic floor exercises, including positioning and language
  • Explore how we can give choice when teaching about the pelvis
  • Experience a yoga nidra creating the protective space of a womb for the mother through the image of a Golden Egg or Iridescent Bubble (and have access to the audio track)
  • Consider how these embodied practices relate to how we approach aspects of labour and birth preparation such as dilation.

"I really enjoyed this workshop. It felt great to embody my own pelvis and highlight all the areas we can guide the pregnant women to and why. This felt sense of anatomy enlivened the practices and the pelvis in both structure and movement. 

I liked Tessa's examples of how through feeling into the pelvis and through the pelvic floor not only helps with better movement but can help to highlight useful education such as understanding why perineal massage is important and how to feel where to release and not push to prevent tears. 

Tessa guided some great visualisations and gave some fun practices, which felt very powerful in connecting to pelvic floor muscles and in understanding the spinchter law. I left feeling resourced and inspired

 with plenty of new material to explore in classes." Amba Cooper

"I have owned The Female Pelvis book for over a year but have such difficulty engaging with it. It has been my intention to do many of the exercises in the book but that just hasn't happened. I wanted you to know that you have made a real difference to me today. I really connected with your way of teaching too. It is obvious that you are an absolute fountain of knowledge and - when I get time - I will definitely be checking out your other trainings. I've written pages of notes and can't wait to use the visualisations for my pregnancy yoga classes." Kathryn Lillingstone

"I really enjoyed the visualisations and the practises were very helpful." Tanya Fairclough

"I would love to do more workshops with you! Thank you!" Katy Grey